Blackface Calls Tuface Gay In New Track

It's no news that Blackface just released a diss track for Tuface. He tittled the song 'war' and indeed he came all out for Tuface. In the song, he said, he thought Tface how to sing, and Tuface went round, stole his song, made money from it and now calls himself a star. He further went on to say Tuface is gay and you know the sad part? Blackface says Tuface is the WOMAN! Cryinggggggggg. Hopefully, Blackface won't land in court for this. What sort of damage is this? LMAO... Even if Tuface will let it slide, will Annie let it slide? Lol. Part of his lyrics and audio below...

“I taught you how to rhyme, taught you how to flow / Now you say you’re a star, now you making dow, why you steal my song, you no let me know / Na you and your manager wey dey block my show from every carnival /Your mama say you’re innocent but I know say you be cannibal”.

“Make I expose you for who you are, 201 know your story omo where I go start / 2Face since when dem start to yansh you for back, that’s why you no fit stand straight, that’s what made you star”.

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