Hilarious! Gran, 104, Who Always Wanted To Be Arrested Finally Ends Up In Handcuffs

When 104-year-old Anne Brokenbrow was asked by staff at her care home to write down her greatest wish, she knew exactly what to put.

To their complete surprise, the granny wrote: 'My wish is... to be arrested. I am 104 and I have never been on the wrong side of the law.'

And just a few days later her dream came true when three police officers came to her home, handcuffed her and sat her in the police car.

When he arrived at her care home in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, PC Stephen Harding from Bridewell Police Station told her: "I'm arresting you on the grounds of being an upstanding citizen for the past 104 years."

She told staff at her care home her desire to be arrested as part of a charity scheme where residents write down what they want most, and organisers then emailed the police to see if they could make it happen. HILARIOUS!

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