I’m Not Tired Of Acting As Lover Boy –Alex Ekubo

Actor, Alex Ekubo, is one of the most prominent faces in the movie industry these days. Known for his lover boy roles, Alex’s good looks have endeared him to a lot of fans, especially the female ones.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop on why he often acts lover boy roles, Ekubo said, “We don’t shoot action or science fiction movies in Nigeria; so, we end up making comedy movies and dramas. It’s either one plays the character of a boyfriend or husband.

 However, in recent times, I have acted a lot of roles that don’t portray me as a lover boy. I have never got tired of playing a lover boy (role). But before acting in movies, I consider the script. If I cannot connect with it, I would not accept it. If the script does not speak to me, I will not go for it.”

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