I’m Only For My Wife & Kids, Not A S*x Symbol - Funsho Adeolu

For some time now, actor, Funsho Adeolu, has been uploading videos of himself carrying out different types of exercises on his Instagram page and many of his fans have adduced different reasons for his recent preoccupation with being fit. However, when Sunday Scoop reached out to him to find out the reason for the exercises, the actor stated that it wasn’t new; rather, he had been engaging in exercises for a long time.

He said, “It is nothing new. I have always been doing those exercises; just that I don’t upload videos of them on social media. It has been my daily lifestyle for some time now. Everybody has to keep fit, regardless of age.”

Adeolu also stated that though he is usually called ‘Finest’ by people in the industry, he doesn’t consider himself a sex symbol. “Yes, they call me Finest but it doesn’t make me feel anyhow. It doesn’t make me a sex symbol. Everybody who knows me knows I’m responsible to my wife and children.”

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