Ivanka Trump A ‘Toxic Mix Of Arrogance And Ignorance’- New Book

Young, attractive and wholesome-looking with their little children running around at their feet, White House ‘First Daughter’ Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were seen by Trump opponents as the acceptable face of the presidency.

Trump’s self-proclaimed feminist daughter, 37, and her mild-mannered husband, 38, would, it was hoped, exercise a moderating influence on her bombastic father’s worst impulses.

When it became clear the fashion industry entrepreneur and multi-millionaire property developer would both have key roles in the Trump administration, many in Washington raised a silent cheer.

Not everyone whispering into the President’s ear would be a swivel-eyed white nationalist lunatic, they reasoned. At least there would be two people there with some sort of moral compass.

Now the gloss has come off the couple dubbed ‘Javanka’ with a new book — Kushner, Inc. — that portrays them as what one insider called a ‘toxic mix of arrogance and ignorance’. To that, the book says, can be added an insatiable lust for power that’s ‘caused havoc all over the world’ thanks to their huge sway over the Trump administration.

Far from reining in Mr Trump, the pair — who both hold unofficial, unpaid but clearly hugely powerful White House posts — have encouraged his excesses, the book claims.

Ivanka Trump is so arrogant, in fact, says Vicky Ward, author of Kushner, Inc., she believes she may one day be president, too.

According to the book, Gary Cohn, once a key Trump official as director of the National Economic Council, has told people Ivanka believes her father’s tumultuous reign is ‘the beginning of a great American dynasty’.

Her husband is equally deluded, according to the book.

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