Khloe Kardashian Under Fire AGAIN For Editing IG Pics

Khloe Kardashian fell prey to a bitter backlash on Instagram yet again as her fans called her out for overly-editing her photos, while pointing out some very odd elements in a recent post that they claimed were proof of failed Photoshopping.

One recent image under fire shows Khloe, 34, climbing up a staircase while wearing a fitted, long-sleeved sheer bodysuit. The reality star is looking back over her shoulder at the camera while showing off her famous curves in the sparkly number.

But while some praised the saucy snap, critics were quick to accuse the reality star of editing her figure in the photo, pointing out that her head appears far too large for her thin frame and suggesting that the poor proportions are the result of bad editing.

Honeyyy your head and hair make up your entire body!!! Who let you post this?' one commenter asked after Khloe shared the picture.

Another critic wrote: 'OK honestly I love her but am I the only one that sees that her butt and her head are way too big for that body.'

The purple sparkly bodysuit Khloe wore in the image was paired with nude heels as she modeled her newly cut bop while ascending the staircase. Khloe also kept it simple with her caption by using two star emojis.

'Thighs sold separately,' one person wrote while another fan commented, 'Girl your thighs don't match, and I'm not trying to be shady just trying to let you know what the world sees.

Meanwhile, another fan shamed Khloe by saying she looked like she had a 'bobble head' based on the proportions of the image. 

'Are y'all venturing into bobble heads now?' The fan questioned on the picture. 

Accusatory comments of Photoshopping photos or over-editing is not anything new for a member of the Kardashian family.

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