Knifeman Who Googled 'How Long For Murder?' Found Guilty Of Killing Neighbours

A former chef who Googled 'How long for murder?' just hours before fatally stabbing his neighbours with a carving knife has been convicted.

Jack Ralph launched his frenzied attack on pensioner Margaret Harris, 78, and her daughter Sharon, 55, just minutes after Mrs Harris's husband David had opened their back door to him.

They both died of their injuries and he was found guilty of manslaughter.

The 28-year-old killer had been living with his mother Julie next door to the Harris family for 18 years when he knocked at their semi-detached property in Hadlow, Kent, and attacked with an 8in blade without warning.

Ralph was also convicted of the attempted murder of Mr Harris, 76, who was knifed four times as he tried to desperately fight off the attacker with a rolling pin at 7.30am on September 29 last year.

Nine months earlier around Christmas 2017, Ralph had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was under 'non-statutory' care of his local community health team.

He had also been prescribed antipsychotic medication, and had taken his last dosage just half an hour before the fatal and near-fatal stabbings.

But he later told psychiatrists he had been hearing voices 'commanding' him to kill his neighbours who were in 'God's bad books'.

He also claimed that he believed seeing one of the Harris women wearing a red coat in the days leading up to the stabbings meant his mum was in danger of being attacked by them.

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