List Of Baby Names Chosen By Parents In 2018 Includes Lucifer, Other Odd Choices

A family have proudly called their newborn Lucifer after the Prince of Darkness, the devil himself.

Edinburgh Council said they had permitted the name on the birth certificate because it was not deemed offensive.

Lucifer rivals another Biblical name chosen in Scotland in 2018 - a baby called Messiah.

Of the 47,785 born in Scotland in 2018, there babies called Awesome, Nun, Royalty and Pepper, the Sun reported.

Edinburgh Council's Karen Watson told the Sun : 'There aren't really any rules around names. It's a case of people can call their babies whatever they like.'

She added: 'To be perfectly honest, names now are actually pretty normal and there are only one or two that go a wee bit different.

'As long, as it's not offensive we don't get involved in what they are calling their baby.'

Olivia was Scotland's most popular girl's name, while Jack topped the boy's table for an eleventh year.

According to Babycentre, there are likely to be many babies born in 2019 with royal names as Meghan Markle.

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