Man Storms Couple’s Home After Having A Date With Wife To Take Her Away

Chitungwiza residents, Zimbabwe were left shell shocked over the weekend after a cheating woman’s boyfriend came to her house and forcefully took her with him despite the presence of her husband.

Penelope Ruswa who is the second wife of a man only identified as Mark was cheating on her husband with another man identified as Andrew.

Penelope’s plans to rendezvous with Andrew that night were ruined after Mark arrived at her house unexpectedly. Seeing that there was no way that she could keep her appointment with Andrew, Penelope is reported to have switched off her phone to avoid his incessant calls.

However, it seems like Andrew had been anticipating a night of pleasure with Penelope so much that he decided to come and force her to keep the appointment.

Andrew is said to have jumped over the wall surrounding Penelope’s house before banging on her door.

Penelope then lied to her husband that he was a disgruntled foreign currency dealer and went to deal with Andrew. But to Mark’s surprise, he heard Penelope being assaulted and when he went to find out why he saw her being bundled into a car by Andrew who later drove away.

Narrating his ordeal to H-Metro, Mark said:

“I never thought that Penelope would cheat considering everything that I did for her as well as disturbing my peace with my first wife. I married Penelope beginning of 2018 after falling in love with her for almost three years. I was not aware that she was after my wealth. She was dragged to the Civil Court by my wife, and the story was published in H-Metro, and today I regret my actions after seeing her real character’’, he said.

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