Men Are Scared To Approach Me – Ghana’s Hottest Rapper, Eno Barony

Ghana’s hottest female rapper, Eno Barony has disclosed why she is still single even though she needs a man. According to the rapper, men are scared to approach her.

Speaking in an interview on Hitz Fm, she said she is a ‘tomboy' and it might also be part of the reasons men are scared to approach her.

“Some of them think the way I am, that’s how I am, maybe, I’ll beat them or something they are scared of me … you know I am a tomboy”, she said.

Eno Barony in detailing her kind of man stated that she needs a man who can rule, lead and respect her.

“You see me I need a guy who can rule, lead, respectable, you know what I mean. The way I am, if you are very soft guy I might overrule you so I need an Asante type of guy,” she added.

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