Omoni Hints She & Uche Jumbo Have Settled Rift

Omoni Oboli and her other colleagues turn friends – Chioma Akpotha and Ufuoma McDermott, over the weekend had another getaway. And again Uche Jombo was missing.

Now, it’s no longer news Uche has left the group, but it seems all may be well between them now.

Now, Ini Edo was the one that called the attention of the world to the split, when she publicly asked why Omoni chose not to attend her friend’s movie premiere. The friend in question is Uche! And since then, the two have avoided each other.

Fast forward, Omoni started going on solo trips with the other two ladies, and they went on and on, and many just concluded Uche has left the 4-girl group!

In fact, they go on without even mentioning her name, but many of Uche’s fans have been asking where Uche is.

Just minutes ago, Omoni posted a photo of the three of them (above) and was forced to hint all is now well.

‘’PS: All the ‘where’s Uche?’ people. Gather yourselves and help us buy 3 return tickets to the US so we can show you where she is. Amen?’’, she wrote to end the caption of the photo.

Without any doubt, it means the duo have settled their differences and Uche is now back into the group -- but won’t feature until she returns to the country. Oh well… except they join her in the US!

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