Photo: Nigerian Footballer Held For Forging Visa

A Nigerian footballer was arrested on Tuesday from Anandapur for allegedly using fake visa to stay in India, despite being deported approximately four years ago from the country. He was produced before the concerned court and was remanded to judicial custody.

According to police sources, the Nigerian footballer identified as Daniel Bidemi used to play football in Kolkata for several clubs.

He had played for some football clubs in other states as well. He was staying with his wife who hails from the state, at a rented flat in Madurdah, Anandapur.

Recently, Anandapur Police was informed by the Security Control Office (SCO) who had found Bidemi staying in Kolkata. Immediately, police raided his flat and arrested him. Later, police found that he had forged the visa to enter India. Bidemi had been deported through Indira Gandhi International Airport during 2015.

Sources informed that Bidemi had a live-in relationship with a young woman before he was deported. Recently, he came back and married the same woman. Sleuths suspect that he had married the woman to stay in India, specifically Kolkata, for some unknown reason.

Previously, several Nigerian footballers were found to have connection with drug peddling in the city. Sleuths are trying to ascertain whether Bidemi is connected to any such racket or not. He has been booked under sections of forgery mentioned in the IPC and Foreigners Act.

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