Pretty Mike Writes On 10 Places To Have S*x In Lagos

Hilarious! King of night life, Pretty Mike has taking to Instagram to educate peopleabout 10 different places they can have s-x in Lagos. According to Pretty Mike below are those places to have the so called s-x. Lol, smh.

10 places to have s-x at in LAGOS
I live in a city where s-x is more traditional than Adventurous,so allow me to be the devils advocate and give you 10 Spots to do the nasty🙈Pls don't get caught ooh. 🤣

1- Film House cinema😫:-Go watch a Movie with bae,after the movie is over and most people are gone “Give her a quick quickie. It sets a wild tone 4 the next round at home.   CONTINUE

2- Eko Hotel😍:-At AyLive/UsheBeBe/Ajebo’s show,take her out to the parking lot,make sure she isn’t wearing any panties,find a coded spot in-between cars and just drive ur cassava into her,be4 the show is over🙊💕.
3-Quilox Niteclub😘:-After some champagne in d system,walk her toward the back gate and take a right turn toward the mechanic shop,Just Hump her right there,be4 the car park guys will understand what’s going on🙈.
4- Pinnock beachEstate😇:- A private estate,that someone must call the security to allow u in,so try calling Emma baggie,Taiwo or Ebuka,once u in,look 4 one of those uncompleted buildings and just drop it on ur girl raw till u Cum💦.
5- at the beach😱:- stop by a moist lounge and have a bottle of martell on a Sunday nite,den walk toward G12 bar,at d back toward d restroom,ladies pls wear something free,allow some breeze blow u down there,while Oga give it to you like a wild dog..
6- on a plane🙅🏾‍♂:- Where in the plane you decide to do it is based on how bad you want it,toilet is a Goal🤓. 7- on the stairs😛:- Cubana building on a Friday,while partying at Pablo the club downstairs,take her upstairs toward Grind lounge,start Fucking her step by step till u get to the door step of the Lounge and repeat it on ur way down “remember u have a good 5 min window be4 anyone comes looking for u.
8- 3rd mainland bridge😅:- take a drive 2-3am,park,step out of the car and give it to her while she is over looking the water,2 mins is enough for this exercise,otherwise u and the area boys will be sharing her that nite🤣.
9- Unilag:- Take urself down memory lane,be Creative and do something wild on a collage Campus.
10- Buzz Bar/BayRock😉:- are both the darkest clubs in lagos,Find your own coded spot and grind on him slowly.If u think u are wild enough u can do it on the dance floor🙈🤣

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