R. Kelly: Joycelyn Savage & Parents Disagree Over Meeting Point

Kelly's team is having a hard time arranging a meeting between Joycelyn Savage and her parents,  because both sides can't agree on a location.

R. Kelly's rep, Darrell Johnson, tells TMZ ... Joycelyn is not opposed to meeting with her mom and dad, but she only wants to meet them in Chicago. However, the Savage family wants to meet Joycelyn at her grandmother's home -- which is outside the Windy City,  because Grandma's battling cancer.

The Savages have made it clear from the beginning ... they want to meet in a neutral location outside of Chicago.

So, both sides remain at a standstill ... even though it's been two weeks since R. Kelly's team agreed to set up a meeting between Joycelyn and her fam.

Whenever the meeting goes down, the Savage family plans to bring a psychologist with them to evaluate their daughter.

Joycelyn is alleged to be one of Kelly's "sex slaves" and the Savages have been doing everything they can to set up a face-to-face meeting with her.

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