Six 'Ingredients' For A Successful Marriage & It's Not All About Love

 When it comes to relationships, each one is very different. Despite this, there are several steps we can all take to try and make our romantic relationships healthier and ensure they last longer.

One couple recently revealed they've taken some of these steps and created a concise set of rules that have allowed them to experience marital success.

And now they're sharing their relationship recipe with the people of the internet, in the hopes of helping other men and women improve their marriages.

Ryan Stephens, the creator of Dialed In Men, posted his and his wife Alaina's six rules for being a "good teammate" to each other in their marriage.

His posts quickly went viral on Twitter garnering thousands of likes and retweets and hundreds of comments.

He wrote: "My wife and I have found that focusing more on being teammates and less on being soulmates is a solid recipe for marital success.

People on Twitter were incredibly moved by the couple's rules and were quick to tell them so.

One person wrote: "Well said!"
Another commented: "I love all the pointers, so true I can attest to this in my marriage. It's so important to over communicate to avoid hidden assumptions which kills a lot of relationships."

"Solid list," added a third.

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