Six-Week-Old Baby ‘Fitted With Artificial Anus After S-xual Abuse By Parents’

A couple have been charged after allegedly abusing their son so badly that surgeons had to fit a prosthetic anus.

The couple, identified only as Ismail S, 23, and Nina R, 26, due to German laws on naming suspects, allegedly abused the six-week-old baby at their home to the west of the Country. Nina R allegedly inserted an object into his anus causing internal injuries for her own ‘s-xual satisfaction’, according to chief prosecutor Hubert Stroeber.

He was also found to have a skull injury, bleeding on the brain, fractured ribs, bruising to the lungs and heart and bleeding from the eyes.

They also suspected he had older fractures. Ismail S is accused of causing a ‘bloody wound’ in the boys’ genital area and a ‘visible and painful bruise’.

They took him to hospital in their home city of Ludwigshafen and the baby was diagnosed with severe peritonitis, an inflammation caused by a rupture in the abdominal region. Mr Stroeber added: ‘

Even professionals in my public prosecutor’s office were shocked.’ The boy is now seven months old and currently living with a foster family. Nina R and Ismail S met in 2017 and she soon became pregnant, giving birth in August. They were arrested in November and they have been charged with GBH and sexual abuse with a trial set for May.

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