Toor! There's A P!nis Festival In Japan [Photos]

Thousands of people have flocked to a huge festival in Japan - and it is dedicated entirely to p!nises.

Enormous members, multi-coloured phallic decorations and food shaped like the male anatomy all feature at the P!nis Festival, which is also known as Honen-sai.

Every year in March, residents and visitors of the Aichi Prefecture in Japan flock to Komaki, north of Nagoya, to see a giant phallus carried through the streets.

Men of an "unlucky age" carry a two-metre p!nis, carved from Japanese cypress, and offer it to the shrine with prayers for a good harvest, flourishing of all natural things and fertility to loved ones.

Originally, the statue was much smaller and attached to a representation of a samurai, but it has grew bigger over the years.

Lucky guests are also able to give the wooden p!nis a kiss on the tip.

Visitors to the festival tucked into chocolate dipped bananas, uncircumcised hot dogs, and artfully designed pancakes.

Aside from the edible goodies, there are also several other fun souvenirs you can pick up. Most popular are the candies and wooden carvings, but you can get a vegetable or fruit phallus as well - or a rather unique nose.

Visitors can pray to the many structures in hopes of having a child, meeting someone lovely, or having a bountiful harvest.

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