TV Star Wants To Have IVF Baby With Stranger After String Of Failed Romances

A broody celebrity has shocked friends and family by saying she wants to have an IVF baby with a stranger.

The TV star has admitted preferring to get pregnant through an anonymous sperm donor, rather than enduring another relationship with a man.

She cannot be named for legal reasons but has had a series of failed romances.

The household name told pals: “I’m single but I’m done with men. I can have a baby without having to get a boyfriend or husband.”

An insider said the wannabe mum was happy to go down the IVF route.

The source added: “This woman is extremely well known and very popular with the men.

"She has had a string of romances in the past and has been hurt a lot, so she appears to have decided she doesn’t need a fella on her arm to have a kid.”

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