Video: Widow Breaks Down In The Market! Cries As She Is Sent Out With Four Children

This is an eye-witness report. According to the LL Reader, this happened today and he happened to be there. His mail;


Trust your day is going great.

Earlier today while I was in the market, I saw a young woman weeping because her late husband's family chased her and her children out of the house. I feel this wickedness on widows has gone on for too long in our society and as people of the press, it would be great if you used your platform to talk more on this issues and help protect them, we need to realize that issues like this isn't their fault and in as much as we lose someone dear to us, they (widows or widowers) are also grieving as well.

I hope you help spread the word and tell men to find a way to protect their spouse ahead (God-forbid before they die)

Thank you.

He forgot to mention the State, but hey, we get the message. May God send every widow that is troubled out there help! Not forgetting to say THIS IS BAD AND INHUMAN!

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