Woman Baffled After Size 8 Dress She Ordered Barely Fits On Her Leg

The phrase 'buyer beware' seems to have been coined with the murky world of online shopping in mind.

Part of the problem is you can't try stuff on or see it in the flesh. While this means you get to avoid unflattering changing room lighting and the rigmarole of taking countless items on and off, you also have no idea if what you bought will actually fit you.

Even if you ordered it in your size. This is what happened to Julia Magowan when she ordered a size 8 dress from PrettyLittleThing.

The £18 Black Mesh Ruched Dress is, admittedly, meant to be a snug fit.What turned up, however, would not even fit over her leg.

Julia took to Twitter to show how ridiculously teeny tiny the dress was.

"PLT how do you expect me to fit my body into this supposed size 8 dress??

"Can just about fit my left leg in it, what a joke!"

Julia then posted an update, writing:

"Update: fits nicely around my leg."

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