Baby Girl In Agony For Months After Nurse Left Wet Wipes Inside Her After Birth

The horrific case led to the infant's father wrongly falling under suspicion of child s-x crimes

A baby girl was in agony for more than three months after a maternity hospital nurse left surgical wipes inside the infant's after her birth.

The nurse had inserted wipes into the baby to stop post-natal bleeding - then forgot to remove them before the girl was taken home by her parents.

The horrific case in Russia led to the child's father and other family members facing “hell” as they wrongly fell under suspicion of child s-x crimes.

Mother-of-three Tatiana Sibasova said her daughter was often in pain especially when urinating, and was frequently in a bad mood and cried a lot.

Then the child started smelling badly - but it took three months before the cause was noticed.

Two months after the girl was born, the mother noticed the end of an antiseptic wipe and a gynaecologist diagnosed her with severe inflammation of the genital area.

But the problems persisted and one month later a second surgical wipe was found inside the child.

The girl was discharged from hospital but the problem continued and subsequently a third wipe was found and removed under general anaesthetic.
The girl’s hymen had been damaged, said doctors.

Police were called and the family fell under suspicion.

A criminal case was opened under which the parents, an aunt and a female sibling were suspected of “violent actions of sexual character” against a minor, a crime that can lead to 20 years in jail.

“The family went through hell,” said their lawyer Anastasiya Kopteeva.
“Law enforcement suspected the girl's father, mother, aunt and even older sister.

“This girl was asked whether she had played doctor with her baby sister.

“The aunt who had recently lost a child was suspected.”

Tatiana, sobbing, said: “There were interrogations, and our family was under suspicion."

She was asked: “Perhaps, your husband abused her or your elder daughter?”

The ordeal was “scary” she said.
But investigators realised the wipes were of a type only available in hospitals.

Detectives then traced the nurse who had cleaned the girl after birth.

The woman, Lyudmila Cherkasova, said she was “scared” to come forward earlier, fearing she would lose her job.

Doctors told investigators that bleeding is common in newborn girls but does not require wipes being inserted.

The s-x crime investigation was dropped and the nurse is now charged with medical negligence causing injury to a child.

She faces up to four months in jail if convicted.

“I want her to be fired and put in jail,” said the mother.

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