Internet Is Buzzing About Azealia Banks’ New Look

Harlem-bred rapper Azealia Banks is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to her style.

New photos surfaced on the internet of the 27-year-old artist that were captured by photographer Mateus Porto. Azealia is wearing a cleavage-bearing white blouse with a black corset and black platform heels. However, her makeup choices have fans questioning her entire look.

The eclectic images feature Azealia sporting gray contacts and shaven-off eyebrows. Her skin tone also looks gray, which has fans wondering if she tried to lighten her beautiful brown skin. One fan said, “Is she lightening her skin? Cause that sucks.” Another fan asked how to achieve her “no eyebrows” look for Halloween. Ouch!

According to the photographer's Instagram, his aesthetic is to capture artists in thought-provoking makeup. However, fans aren't here for it.  Take a look at a few of the tweets below.....

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