Victor Ad Recounts Sleeping Under Bridge After Arriving Lagos For The First Time

Victor Ad has took to his instagram page to narrate the hardship he suffered when he first came into Lagos. He revealed he slept under Obalende bridge for three days and encourage his fans to work hard without giving up.

I remember watching movies of people who made it in less than 3hrs. 😂😂 I been feel say if my own long well well e no go pass 24hrs! So I took my bag and I came to Lagos and ended up under Obalende Bridge for 3days.😢🤦♂️😂 I never knew that those stories where summarized to motivate us,🙄🤦♂️😂 Bros! it may take you more than 30yrs to achieve what you saw in that movie but don’t ever think of giving up 🙏😊 #prayforgracemagee, he wrote.

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