Monday, February 25, 2019

No Jokes! This Man Is Named S-x Machine [Photo]

Yes, you read it right, that is the name of this Zimbabwean! Seated close to the entrance of a garage, a young motor mechanic, clad in a greasy work suit, puffed up smoke into the air as he concluded his lunch-hour break.

To passers-by and those unknown to him, he is just a mechanic who works at one of Marondera’s garages, Zimbabwe located in the industrial site. But one cannot believe that he is the man behind such a name.

His first name is “S-x” and to make matters worse, his last name is “Machine”.

According to Machine, he was christened such by his father Paul Machine Mvere.

“That is my name. I cannot deny it. I went to Tapfuma Primary School and Rukweza High and that is the name I used,” he said.

“I know the troubles and implications that come along with it.

“Sometimes I call myself Mike, a name that also belongs to my uncle.

“My father is the best person to explain why he gave me such a name.”

In disbelief, this reporter used the Ecocash platform to further confirm his claims.

Alas the name S-x Machine appeared, but it was truncated. On the Ecocash platform, the man’s name appears as S*x Machine.

“I had to devise means to alter my name so that my clients find it easy and respectable,” he said.

“It was a difficult moment for me to convince the lady who registered me on Ecocash to understand where I was coming from,” he said.

“She couldn’t believe it when she read the name on my ID. I am happy that she assisted me. I had to remove the ‘e’ from my first name to lessen the burden on clients.”

At his workplace, the 31-year-old is either called Machine or Mike, while those who are mischievous just shout out, S-x.

Is his name, therefore, prophetic to his conduct and behaviour?

“Not now, I am now a mature person. I am no longer a s-x machine. But during my early youth days, everything was possible,” he said.

Machine is a married man and a father of one.

He also hinted that his father calls him both as Mike and S-x, depending on location and surroundings.

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