Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Rita Ora’s Mom Breaks Down As She Discloses She Has Cancer

Rita Ora's mum broke down in tears on today's Loose Women as she spoke about her heartbreaking cancer battle.

Vera Sahatciu, 55, underwent a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

The mother-of-three was just 39-years-old when she went through the "tough" journey.

Vera revealed she is now the face of a post-mastectomy swimwear range launched by charity Future Dreams.

She also opened up on leaving her home in Kosovo and successful career as a GP to move to the UK.

Rita was only one-years-old when she moved to the UK with her family.

Speaking about her ordeal, mum Vera said: "I myself had breast cancer at the age of 39 and my children were small. My son was only seven.

"It was really difficult and moving to another country I couldn’t speak English at all. Back home I was a GP and had a wonderful career."

Vera confessed she struggled to learn the language at first and felt "unfulfilled" after losing her profession.

She said: "The journey I had was really tough. At a young age, treatment tends to be more rigours and prolonged.

"When it's diagnosed younger, treatment gets to be more intense and extensive. I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and a mastectomy."

"Sorry it's still hard to talk about," confessed Vera as she wiped away tears.

Vera, who is now a psychiatrist working for the NHS, is the face of a new lingerie collection for women who are post-mastectomy.

She said: "I thought the only thing I can do at least is try and show women even if you have scarring there is swimwear created now that can fulfil our part to look great and feel confident."

Loose Women viewers flocked to Twitter to praise Vera for opening up.

One viewer said: "Vera Ora.. what a totally beautiful lady... an inspiration to all. Would love to hear more from her. Rita... your Mama rocks"

"Rita Ora's mum Vera is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely and intelligent woman, Rita has been taught well," added another. We wish her all the best!

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