Saturday, February 9, 2019

Stop Being Stupid! I Don’t Have A Nigerian Wife, Yvonne Nelson’s Baby Daddy Slams

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson's baby daddy Jamie Roberts has slammed an IG user who asked him if his two older children were born by a Nigerian woman. Recall that news went around when Yvonne was pregnant that he Jamie abandoned his Nigerian born model, Keela for Yvonne?

Well, he has now made it clear, by posting the above photo and saying his two older children aren’t from a Nigerian woman. But why the hate tho?  What he wrote;

 'This evening I was asked (and not for the first time) an EXTREMELY stupid question, so in the interest of apparent “interest” let me state something once and for all. I am in fact, a very lucky father of three unbelievably amazing children. But none of them, however, have a Nigerian mother. Have a great weekend ?? #naijamyths #stopbeingstupid.'

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