Sunday, March 31, 2019

Fans Left Dissapointed After Couple With 53 Year Age Gap Fail To Keep Up Their S-x Life On Reality Show

A couple with an age gap of 53 years have so far failed in their promise to keep up their daily s-x habit while on reality TV.

Viewers perhaps expecting to see some x-rated activity have been left disappointed.

Milijana Bogdanovic, 21 and her fiancé Milojko Bozic, 74, a grey-haired grandfather, have so far spent two nights cuddling fully clothed.

They both entered the reality show 'Parovi' (Couples) in the Serbian capital city of Belgrade.

Before the start of the show, Milijana said: "Of course we will have s-x, why wouldn't we? I would love to get pregnant and give birth to a baby, hopefully. If not on Couples then after we leave the show.

But many fans have been left dissapointed with their no show.

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