Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mum Offering Nanny £40,000 To Dress Up As Disney Princess To Look After Her Kids

Many people have dreamed of donning a princess gown, like Belle's yellow dress or Cinderella's iconic blue number, and taking on the role of a Disney character at the happiest place on earth (Disneyland).

But one family is offering a lucky lady the chance to channel their inner princess a little closer to home and they'll pay you £40,000 to do it.

A couple from Brookmans Park in Hertfordshire are on the hunt for a Disney Princess nanny to take care of their five-year-old twin daughters.

As part of the role, the nanny is asked to dress up as a different Disney Princess each month - including Merida, Rapunzel, Snow White and Moana.

The parents posted the unusual job advert on

The mum wrote: "Myself and my husband are looking for a part-time nanny to care for our twin girls during the week, but we want to hire someone to look after our children whilst in character as a different Disney princess every month.

"Like most five-year-olds, our girls are obsessed with Disney and we feel this would be the best way to communicate some important values.

"We know this isn't a normal request for nannies, however we think it would be a great way to teach our girls about things like determination, fearlessness and ambition from strong, yet relatable, female role models like Princess Tiana, Princess Anna, Belle and Cinderella."

Not too much to ask if you ask me, lol.

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