Monday, March 4, 2019

Tornado Rips Through Alabama, Kills 23, Many Hospitalized... Properties Destroyed [Photos]

At least 23 people have been confirmed dead after a tornado ripped across south-east Alabama on Sunday.

Emergency services rushed to the area after a severe storm left a trail of destroyed mobile homes, trees and vehicles in its wake. Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said that the ‘sheer volume of the debris’ was some of the most he had ever seen.

He warned that the current death count ‘may rise again’ as rescue teams continue to scan the area.
Drones equipped with heat sensors are now being flown over the debris in an attempt to find survivors, after dangerous conditions halted the search last night.

Mr Jones said the tornado travelled straight down a key artery in Beauregard and that the path of damage and destruction looked to be at least half a mile wide.

Many people had been taken to hospitals, ‘some of them with very serious injuries’ he added.

Rita Smith, spokeswoman for the Lee County Emergency Management Agency, said about 150 first responders had helped efforts to search the debris after the powerful storm hit. Our prayers are with them.

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