Friday, March 29, 2019

UK-Based Ghanaian Accountant Kofi Gane To Run For President In 2020

A chartered accountant and international development practitioner, Marricke Kofi Gane has announced his decision to contest in the Presidential race in the 2020 elections as an Independent Presidential Candidate.

Announcing his intent in a press release, the UK-based Ghanaian touted himself as a highly experienced person whose “unique blend of local, regional and international experiences” are crucial to Ghana’s needs.

His core vision is to “build Economic, Social, Technological and Political pillars that drive Ghana into first world status within 25 years” of his administration.

He said, as an International Development expert with vast experiences in managing global innovation and development funds, he understands how the world and development works and how to strategically position Ghana for greater achievements.

Mr. Gane explained that his background as a Chartered Certified Accountant means his professional grooming brings to bear accountability, value for money and critical thinking which are the pillars needed in Ghana’s current political leadership.

When elected as President, he promises to bring “refreshing creativity, inclusiveness and objectivity to how politics is done, as well as the political willpower to challenge and change faulty status quos devoid of blind party allegiance.”

He admits Ghana’s educational system and economy need radical policy innovations to create new opportunities by releasing the full potential of the country’s human resource adding that “the solution to development, lies in the youthful population, if well-equipped, motivated and then directed”.

Mr. Gane said he is a Ghanaian with high integrity, a balanced Christian and respecter of all faiths and creeds.

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