Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Woman Has A STROKE While 'Nearing Orgasm' During Oral S*x

A woman was rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke while receiving oral s-x from her partner.

The 44-year-old, of west London, passed out as she was nearing orgasm and scans later revealed a blood vessel had burst inside her skull.

Despite only suffering a 'moderate' headache when she came round after three minutes of unconsciousness, she was taken to A&E in an ambulance.

Medics didn't directly explain what caused the stroke - but said changes in blood pressure during s-x are 'well-described' as a cause of bursting blood vessels.

The unnamed woman was treated at West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth, in the London borough of Hounslow.

Her partner, whose s-x is unknown, said they noticed 'her body was stiff' when they were performing oral s-x on her.

Doctors recording the woman's case wrote in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports: 'On closer history taking, the patient reported nearing orgasm while receiving oral s-x from her partner before losing consciousness.'

They added: 'She had been otherwise well preceding the event.'

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