Monday, April 1, 2019

Baby Dies As Mum Loses Balance On Escalator & Drops Four-Month-Old Over Side

A four-month-old baby has plunged to its death after its mother accidentally dropped it over the edge of an escalator.

The mum, who was also with her toddler son, was holding the baby in one arm as the trio got on to a shopping centre escalator on the third floor.

Tragically the mother lost her balance and stumbled, losing her grip on the infant who plummeted over the side.

The desperate mum can be seen running down the escalator with the young baby's elder brother in tow.

They reach the ground floor and both drop to their knees crying in shock at the tragic tot.

CCTV footage from inside the shopping centre shows the baby falling from its mother's arms.

Paramedics and doctors arrived in a desperate bid to save the young child but they were unable to revive them.

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