Friday, April 26, 2019

Cossy Orjiakor Takes A Swipe At Apostle Suleman

Don’t say ha! According to Cossy, they used to be very good friends. And she Cossy in one way or the other worked for him. Well, they are no longer pals as Cossy even wrote about it on her instagram page, but news of Apostle Suleman buying a private jet excited Cossy who took to her page to ‘congratulate’ him. While writing about the jet, she also tagged Freeze, Apostle’s new pal, to please deliver her message to him. Talk about trouble maker!

‘’Cheiii see my friend before before ….he done upgrade finish…. congrats on your plane ooo. I done give up on that range ooo @daddyfreeze tell your padi padi that I still dey Royal hahahha Pls free me… if u think he can kill me then I die  …. all die na die…but I can’t come and kill myself with jealousy… #karma Hahahahaha I don’t even like rangeover anymore I have passed that level moved on to Ferrari shitt’’, she wrote while posting Apostle Suleman’s photo. You know Cossy is one girl you can’t deny you have once been friends with? She will call you out the more, infact call out other friends who were all in the circle! Our own Chyna!

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