Sunday, April 28, 2019

I Love Jesus But Not Sure About Being A Pastor - Cossy Ojiakor

When actress, Cossy Ojiakor, uploaded a video of herself dancing on a pole she had installed in her living room, her colleague, Tonto Dikeh, commented that beyond Cossy’s bad girl persona, she sees her becoming a pastor someday.

Sunday Scoop spoke to Cossy and sought to find out if indeed she was open to answering the call of God some day.

She said, “I don’t really know about that. Everybody is born again and we all have our belief and different levels of faith. I believe in Jesus Christ and I love Him but I am not sure about becoming a pastor.

 As humans, we all have flaws; so, I believe that nobody should be seen as being holier than others. As for me, I live my life the best way I know how to. Those who are close to me know that I don’t keep malice and I don’t hate on anyone’s success. Truly, nobody knows tomorrow, but right now, I’m totally focused on my career.”

On how she feels whenever people criticise her for posting raunchy videos on social media, she said, “I don’t feel anything. Anybody who doesn’t like what I post on my social media page should please ‘unfollow’ me. If I don’t like you and the things you do, I wouldn’t be your friend on social media. Why put myself through the torture of seeing things I don’t like every day when I have the power to change it? We all have different reasons for whatever we do and I have no regrets whatsoever. I am living my best life. I do what makes me happy and that’s what counts.”

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