Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Lying Doctor Gives Same 3D Ultrasound Video To At Least 40 Pregnant Women

A gynaecologist has admitted giving dozens of expectant mothers the same 3D ultrasound scans.

Belen Aguilera was the first to spot the bizarre situation when she saw an ultrasound scan an expectant mother posted on Facebook , that looked exactly the same as hers.

The Chilean woman wrote online: “Some days ago I found an ultrasound scan on Facebook, it rang a bell, and I compared it with the ultrasound of my daughter.

"In that moment, Doctor Eduardo Oliva was attending me, in Constitucion, in the central Chilean region of Maule.

"They are the same, the same details, everything, the other baby was dated six years ago and my daughter is one year and 10 months old.”

Ms Aguilera contacted some relatives to tell them about the situation and they found another mother had been given what looked like the same ultrasound scan seven years ago.

She wrote: “I am totally outraged, being able to play like this with the feelings of a person, deluding families and how could have been giving scans that are private to other people.

"I do not want to imagine how the mum of this baby will be when she finds out that it was shared with many people.”

Her post was shared over 23,000 times and other users posted photos of the same scan which they said they had received in recent years.

Izkia Siches, the president of the Doctors College, said that the case is “very serious” if it is confirmed.

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