Monday, April 29, 2019

No Girl Can Break My Marriage- Mrs Sade Okoya

Chief Mrs Shade Okoya and her hubby, Chief Razaq Akanni Okoya few days ago celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Now, Allure Vanguard had a one on one interview with her, where she was asked if she was scared any girl could upstage her in her marriage as it is now. And Sade had a definite answer for them. It’s just all about her man…

AV: There is grave poverty in Nigeria, which makes young girls do funny things. Are you protective of your husband getting into the clutches of desperate women looking for rich men? Do you have a niggling fear, that someday, one desperate – looking- for a- rich -man girl would upstage you? Or you are very confident of your stand, especially after 20years, and going strong?

''I have no fears at all; my marriage has stood the test of time, and I am not all afraid. It takes a lot to keep and maintain a home. I am very confident of holding on to my marriage, and I am a loving, caring, honest and hardworking wife. My love for my husband keeps growing stronger every second of the day. I receive the same affections in return from him.''

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