Wednesday, April 24, 2019

R. Kelly Spotted Smoking Cigar At Trump Tower

R. Kelly was seen outside of his Trump Tower apartment in his native Chicago on Easter Sunday, smoking a cigar and talking on a phone call.

The 52-year-old singer was seen standing near a Rolls-Royce, which a source told TMZ was not his.

He was wearing a bright red cap with a baby blue hooded sweatshirt, torn jeans and sunglasses, as well as a gold watch.

The Ignition artist remains in legal hot water on a number of fronts, including 10 counts of aggravated s-xual abuse and mounting child support debt.

Kelly has petitioned a Chicago court to lower his monthly $20,833 child support payments to ex-wife Andrea Kelly, amid two months of non-payments. What so we say? Life goes on?

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