Wednesday, April 24, 2019

UK's Most Pampered Pooch Has Steak Dinners, £70 Shampoo & Nightly Head Massages

Steak dinners, £200 wash and blow dries, £70 vegan shampoo and nightly head massgages sound like heaven for anyone. Only the lucky recipient of this luxe life is surely the UK's most pampered dog.

Cockapoo Lola lives with her humans, Lu Short and her fiancé, Chris Wilkinson.

The couple, who are tying the knot next month with Lola as their guest of honour and ring bearer, were so determined their dog would have the best life they even moved house for her.

They uppsed sticks from heir chic pad in east London's Docklands to a doggy des res in Chelmsford, Essex, so she could have a garden.

Completely potty about the cuddly canine, they spend £200-a-month just on her food and accessories like perfume and toys and clean her teeth with special canine chicken toothpaste.

Chris, who is chief of staff at pet wellbeing company, said: "Every night Lola comes and says goodnight to us and we give her a head massage until she falls asleep.

"Even though he wasn't big on the idea of having a dog, Chris started secretly sneaking her up for little sleep overs after the first two weeks that we had her and now she has her own bed in our room, but she sleeps with us most of the time.

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