Sunday, April 28, 2019

You Made Regina Daniels Go Into That Marriage! Georgina Onuha Slams Nigerians

Older Nollywood actress turned Nurse in the US, Georgina Onuha has sent a warning notice to Nigerians saying anyone that sends her a DM or tag her concerning Regina Daniels marriage henceforth will be blocked! Georgina who says Nigerians made the teen actress go into such a marriage says, they praise bad characters and slay queens who go around sleeping with married men, politicians and useless pastors just to slay and Nigerians hail them for it. She ended her threat by asking all to leave the young actress alone as no one is qualified to be a judge over her life. She was however fast to also say, she encourages a pen for young girls and well… not PEN!S, lol. Her words;

''OK “, please stop sending me DMs and tags about this young woman. I don’t know her nor have I met her.

No one has made you nor I a judge over her or her decisions even though my name is Georgina and not Regina. The last time I checked, I did not go to a law school neither was I appointed a judge.
It’s her life, her business and her propagative.

When those before her are busy flaunting private jet and fake plastic ass, most of you did not cry wolf.

She has made her choice with the endorsement of her mother behind her to be a teen bride or adult bride, so let her be. Most of her senior colleagues are busy sleeping with old politicians, pastors , fly to Dubai to sleep with old wrinkled Arabic men and married men and you all go hail them as slay queens. You endorse bad behavior as hard work.

Islam permits more wives and she has made her choice. While I don’t and will never endorse teen marriage as a parent and mother, I wish her best of luck in all her endeavors.

In my days, some followed yahoo and 419 boys for extra stretch limousines, where are they today? Some teen brides have go on to make something out of themselves by pursuing academics.

What is morally corrupt is the Nigerian society that celebrates immorality and go agog with it with impunity.

So please, don’t DM me or tag me on such nonsense.

Her life and choice.

I don’t pay her bills and will encourage her to equally pursue education regardless.

So please people address the problems facing our nation and let Regina deal with her private life.

If you dm me again I will block you.

I am not her mother nor judge.
Let her Be.
Lets encourage education, empowerment of our youths.

Books not boobs, Pens and not penis for young girls and boys.
So before you tear her down, go tear down all the slay queens you hail and criminal politicians you revere and shameless pastors you worship. Regina is not your problem. Your corrupt politicians are you problems.''

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